Friday Gatherings

RMERC Friday Seminars will resume for the Spring Semester 2017.    

They will be held every other Friday at 4pm in the RMERC Conference Room.

All are welcome; event is open to the public.


Presentations for Friday, February 24, 2017 are as follows:

PresenterMr. John Rueschmann, Undergraduate Student

Title:  Geometric Acoustics


Dampening the sound level is important to many applications.  Many theaters use sound dampening paints to improve the quality of sound for the performers or movies being shown.  Manufacturing companies often build sound proof rooms to isolate loud equipment from other areas of the building. In a scientific article, “Application of the concept of acoustic influence coefficients for the optimization of a vehicle roof,” the researchers were interested in making small geometric changes to the car's roof to obtain the optimal sound reduction.  This project will evaluate if changing the shape of a surface of a material enhances the material’s sound dampening quality, by introducing potential induced diffractions and interferences.

PresenterDr. Leslie Gertsch, Geological Engineering

Title:  Advancing the Science of Space Mining


The sustainable exploration of space requires mining there (NASA calls this in situ resource utilization, ISRU).  Successful ISRU depends on a solid science foundation.  Geologic materials have been produced systematically from the Earth’s surface by humans for nearly two million years, using methods that are direct products of the science of the time.  In space, that will remain true.



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