Friday Gatherings

RMERC Friday Seminars will resume for the Spring Semester 2017.    

They will be held every other Friday at 4pm in the RMERC Conference Room.

All are welcome; event is open to the public.


Presentation for Friday, March 24, 2017 is as follows:

PresenterWedam Nyaaba, PhD Candidate; Mining & Nuclear Engineering        Advisor: Dr. Samuel Frimpong

Title"Fatigue Life Prediction of an Ultra-Large Mining Truck Tire using Critical Plan Analysis Technique"


Ultra-class trucks used for material transport in rugged surface mining terrains experience premature tire fatigue failures. Typical of such failures include tread separation, ply turn-up separation, and tread base and sidewall cracking. The use of reinforcing fillers and processing aids in tire compounds result in the formation of microstructural inhomogeneities in the compounds. The study focuses on applying the critical plane analysis technique to predict the fatigue life of the belt package of a CAT 795F tire (of size 56/80R63) in a surface coal mine. Experimental data obtained from extracted specimens (sidewall, tread, and belt-edge region) of an in-service tire is used to characterize the stress-strain and fatigue behavior of the modeled tire. The tire duty cycle stresses and strains are obtained via finite element analysis of the rolling tire in ABAQUS. Effects of inflation pressure, tire speed, and axle load on the fatigue life of the belt package under strain crystallizing and non-crystallizing conditions of the belt compound are discussed. Specifically, the results show the belt edges to be critical in terms of crack nucleation.



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