Seed Funding

Unfortunately,  due to the uncertain budget situation, and the pending cuts, RMERC will not be soliciting or approving applications for graduate stipend funding or  travel funds for the summer semester.   

Any decisions as to whether we will be able to offer Fall 2017 graduate student stipend or travel funding are also on indefinite hold.

Please do not submit any requests for funding at this time.

Thank you for your understanding


Congratulations Dr. Johnson!

Dr. Catherine Johnson has been awarded  RMERC stipend funding for new PhD student, Mr. Marty Langenderfer for Spring semester at .25 FTE,  totaling approximately $4,570.  Dr. Johnson will also fund the student at .125 FTE, thus making him eligible for the  PhD Graduate Student Tuition remission program.  RMERC will pay the $550 -$555 remaining fees the PhD tuition remission program does not cover, making the award total $5,125 for Spring 2017.  

The project Mr. Langenderfer will be working on is Detonation Synthesis of Nanomaterials.  This is a Short Term Innovative Research Project (STIR) for 9 months.  There is currently no funding for a graduate student in the project.  It is anticipated that at the end of the nine months, nanomaterial synthesis capabilities will have been established at MS&T, and further research opportunities and funding will be available to the student and researcher.

A Note from marty:

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for awarding the Spring 2017 RMERC seed funding to the Detonation Synthesis of Nanomaterials project.  Dr. Johnson and I are very excited to be working on the project and helping to develop new capabilities for the school. Working as a student assistant at RMERC has been the most beneficial and educational experience of my career as an undergraduate at Missouri S & T. Working with Jeff in the shop allowed me to learn many practical skills that I otherwise may never have had the chance to acquire. Additionally, working with all of the other student researchers has allowed me to gain insights into multiple disciplines of engineering beyond my education as a mining engineer. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that you have already given me and am looking forward to being able to contribute to the continued success of RMERC. I am sorry to be sending this so late, but I figured better late than never. Please forward this email along to anyone who was involved in making the award decision. Thank you so much for helping to fund our project and best wishes for a happy and fruitful 2017." 

Thank you Marty, for saying such great things!  We are thrilled to be working with you, and know we will continue to see wonderful work!


                                                                                            RMERC THREE YEAR HISTORY OF SEED FUNDING  CY2013-CY2015
Amount Funded $39,991 $21,694 $12,622
# Researchers Funded 5 2 3
# Students Funded 7 3 3
Stipend, Tuition, or Both Both Both Both


* If you are interested in being awarded the Seed Funding, please submit requests of no more than two pages to Dr. Norbert Maerz