Seed Funding

Unfortunately,  due to the uncertain budget situation, and the pending cuts, RMERC will not be soliciting or approving applications for graduate stipend funding or  travel funds for the summer semester.   

Any decisions as to whether we will be able to offer Fall 2018 graduate student stipend or travel funding will be decided closer to the semester .

Please do not submit any requests for funding at this time.

Thank you for your understanding


Congratulations Dr. ALAGHA AND DR. ANDERSON!

Dr. Lana Alagha has been awarded  RMERC stipend funding for  PhD student, Mr. Ashraf Alsafasfeh for Spring semester 2018 at .25 FTE,  totaling approximately $4500.
Mr. Alsafasfeh is a sponsored student by the University in Jordan so his tuition is paid.

The project Mr. Alsafasfeh will be working on is Selective Separation of Silicates from Phosphate Minerals using Lonic Liquids

Dr. Neil Anderson has been awarded RMERC stipend funding for  Phd Student, Mr. Kenneth Bansah for Spring semester 2018 at .25 FTE, totaling approximately $4500.
Dr. Anderson will also fund the student at .125 FTE, thus making him eligible for the PhD Graduate Student Tuition remission program.

The project Mr. Kenneth Bansah will be working on  is Imaging and Mitigating Karst Features.

  We are thrilled to be working with you, and know we will continue to see wonderful work!



                                                                                            RMERC THREE YEAR HISTORY OF SEED FUNDING  CY2015-CY2017
Amount Funded $12,622 $13,495 $10,027
# Researchers Funded 3 3 1
# Students Funded 3 3 2
Stipend, Tuition, or Both Both Both Both


* If you are interested in being awarded the Seed Funding, please submit requests of no more than two pages to Dr. Norbert Maerz