The High Pressure Waterjet Laboratory was founded in 1984 in the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center on the Campus of the Missouri University of Science and Technology. The synergy between Rock Mechanics and Waterjet Research was quickly put to use as many new and innovative uses are constantly found. Applications in Geology, Nuclear Engineering, Mining, and Aerospace were researched and perfected and the Waterjet Lab began to draw the interest of contractors from all over the world.

For an example of the waterjet's versatility, look no further than Stonehenge Replica on the Missouri S&T campus. Because of the use of waterjets, the actual construction of the monument went quickly and smoothly. The use of waterjets saved time and manpower; use of conventional construction methods would have necessitated the use of many more men and much more time.

Because of the research that goes on here at the High Pressure Waterjet Lab, many new applications for these versatile tools have been disovered.