Provided to Industry and University

RMERC provides fee-based waterjet cutting services using our OMAX Waterjet System and our larger 5-axis PARS Waterjet System.  In almost all cases, the customer furnishes the materials and the design, and one of our experienced staff members performs the cutting.

For more information please see our Waterjet Cutting page.

 We now have 3-D Printing available.  Using our MarkForged Mark 2 3-D printer with Eiger software, we can help you design and print a countless number of unique pieces that fit your need.

Please look at our 3-D Printing page for more information.

LIDAR Scanning services are now available to all.

Have a look at LIDAR Scanning to learn more.

Dr. Maerz and Dr. Anderson are now offering Geophysical Imaging services.

For more information, please have a look at the Geophysical Imaging page.

Got Rocks?  We can test them!  Rock Testing is available to those in need.

Please check out our Rock Testing page to find out more.