LIDAR Scanning Services

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We Have the Experience

Since 2008, faculty, staff, and students have acquired LIDAR scanning equipment and LIDAR scanning capability and developed software both for precision mapping and measurements and developed very precise change detection algorithms.  Study after study has found that under controlled conditions and massive oversampling, a distance measurement resolution of up to 0.3 mm can be achieved.  We can provide services for measurement problems of all kinds.

Our Capabilities

We have three full capacity LIDAR Scanners: a Leica ScanStation II, a Leica HDS 6000, and a Faro Focus3D.  We these we can precisely measure geometries, and given a series of two or more temporal scan, we can perform change detection.  We can detect changes of down to 0.3 mm.  We also have two next generation solid state LIDAR scanners, the LedderTech M16 and the PulsedLight LIDAR-Lite.

Lidar scanner a
Lidar scanner b
Lidar scanner c
Lidar scanner d
Lidar scanner e


Examples of some measurement applications are:

  • As built dimensions of structures.
  • Mapping of the Interior of dangerous structures.
  • Remote measurement of Rock Structure.
  • Acquisition of perishable (forensic) geometric data.
  • Mapping of the interior of structures, mines and caves.
  • Mapping of interior of (air-filled) voids at the bottom of a borehole.
  • LIDAR Scanning as an aide to autonomous navigation
  • Vegetation removal in LIDAR datasets to “peer through” vegetation.


Examples of some change detection applications are:

  • Bridge loading deflection measurements.
  • Quantification of rock fall volumes.
  • Quantification of convergence of underground openings.
  • Measurement of volume and thickness pavement removed by hydro demolition.
  • Monitoring of velocity and displacement of slow moving landslide.
  • Measurement of subsurface movement of landslides.
LIDAR image 2
Lidar image 3
Lidar image 4
Lidar image 5
Lidar image 6
Lidar image 7
Lidar image 8
Lidar image 9
Lidar image 10


  • Roadway subsidence.
  • Retaining wall movement.
  • Mapping
  • Slope movements
  • Archeology
  • Forensic snapshots
  • Measuring volumes of material piles
  • Precise measurements
  • 3D change detection
  • Creating 3D models
  • Flood and drainage modelling


Please contact Norbert Maerz for details and costs

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