The Rock Mechanics & Explosives Research Center (RMERC), founded in 1964, provides research leadership in a broad range of scientific and engineering fields with emphasis on activities centered on or related to the mineral resource lease. 

The Center serves the mining and petroleum industries, the nuclear industry, geological science and engineering and the related wider industrial manufacturing community. 

A particular emphasis is to foster innovative and responsive research in rock physics and all fields of science and engineering that deal with rock, including energy production, mining, geology, geophysics, nuclear and related fields.

 Our current research is focused on three areas: 


Upcoming Events

Friday Graduate Gathering

3:30 - 4:30 p.m.                   Rock Mechanics Facility            1006 Kingshighway


   11 April 2014

Title:   Turkish Mineral Industry

Abstract:   Mineral wealth of a county has an important role on its economic development.   Well-developed countries owe their industrial development to their wealth  and abundant mineral resources and their economic utilization. In this gathering, the general outlook of Turkey's mineral Industry and her share in the World will be discussed.

Presenter:  Dr. Sabri E. Nasuf, Visiting Scholar from Turkey, working with Dr. Mao Chen Ge at MS&T